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Does Antique Up buy or take antiques on consignment?

No, we currently do not buy or take items on consignment. All antiques are provided by individual vendors, not by Antique Up.


Do employees have an inventory of the items in stock?

All of our booths are run by individual vendors, meaning we do not have an exact inventory of everything in the store. We may be able to answer general questions, but may not be able to be more specific. To best understand our inventory, check out the "Our Vendors" page!


Does Antique Up accept returns?

We do not accept returns after purchase.


What are your holiday hours?

Outside of major holidays, we are open. Changes in holiday hours will be posted on our Facebook page.


How often do vendor spaces become available?

We currently have a waiting list for vendor spaces. However, our list is not first-come, first-serve. Wait times for a booth depend on date applied, type & quality of merchandise, and more. Pictures always help!


What are Market Days?

On market days, we have a variety of vendors set up in our parking lot, and Antique Up is open as well.  The markets run from 9am-3pm, with Antique Up being open the normal 9am-6pm. If you'd like to be a vendor for one or more of our markets, stop in or give us a call!

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